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“Hypno-Baco-Tool-Rific?” Why Not!?

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New Year. Clever Calendar.

The Four Seasons of Fifth Letter in Winston Salem

Many design shops create calendars that get sent out once a year, or drip campaigns that are more frequent but typically no fun. Fifth Letter in Winston Salem, NC combined the best of both worlds and had some fun doing it, creating quarterly calendars that celebrate under-rated holidays in a beautiful, tactile format.

According to Fifth Letter’s ringleader, Elliot Strunk, his team started working on this concept in fall 2015, researching a list of odd holidays, and finding ways to loosely tie them together. “We tried to find ones that would not only be fun to spotlight but would also fit together into some sort of theme,” he says. Who knew people worshipped their tools on March 11?

fifth letter collage

The bold simplicity of the dark blue type over the lighter, debossed illustrations, gives the illusion of density and movement. “We wanted to build on some house fonts we use, along with more novelty typefaces that would allow each holiday to be highlighted appropriately,” Strunk notes. This chaos of letterforms over the images, surprisingly all seem to work together while illustrating wildly different themes. Strunk adds, “You’ve gotta admit that the single color bacon we drew looks good enough to eat, even if it is blue.” He’s right. It sizzles off the page.


The real beauty of this calendar though, is the paper and printing. Bryan Hutcheson at National Letterpress in Winston-Salem, N.C., printed the limited-edition run of 200 calendars on Crane’s® Lettra, Fluorescent White, 220 lb cover. The sturdy 10 x 15 inch calendar came with an easel back and binder clip for easy display.


Next season, new calendar. Hint, it will be spring, and Fifth Letter will be celebrating its 11th anniversary on April 1. Get your very own winter calendar (before they run out).