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February 29: Make a Flying Leap

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Taking a Little Leap: Updated Visual Identity
Helps a Design Studio Up Its Game

“I didn’t know how much you could love giving out your card until I had this one.” — Stacy Stone

Stone Interiors specializes in designing sophisticated interiors, primarily residential. The studio recently launched a new website and print materials. Principal Stacy Stone comments, “Our materials reflect our brand in a tactile way. They complement everything we do. They don’t replace the work, but they evoke it.”



Stacy often uses fashion analogies to convey a mood or feeling. Now, she describes her new notecard envelope as the stationery equivalent of a little black dress. She says, “It’s not only the color, but also the proportion. With just a touch of jewelry—it’s like a chic little package. And the stamp can dress it up or down.” (The 5-in. square envelope is CLASSIC CREST® Epic Black 80T.) The back of the notecard is foil stamped in a geometric Islamic pattern, set inside a narrow border of stock.

“It’s not only the color, but also the proportion. With just a touch of jewelry—it’s like a chic little package. And the stamp can dress it up or down.”  — Stacy Stone

Jean Loo, who served as the brand manager on the project, comments, “We saw the new website as an opportunity to evolve the studio’s visual identity and elevate the brand. The new print collateral feels luxurious and reflects the quiet boldness of Stacy’s work.”


Graphic designer Julia Lemke began by proposing refinements to the Stone “chop” and the Stone Interiors wordmark. She says, “Both marks had a lot of integrity already. We updated the grid and the weight on the chop, and for the wordmark we chose a more readable approach to match the website and other collateral.”



The business card is foil stamped on both sides in warm gold; the Stone chop is blind debossed. The stock is the same as the notecards: Crane’s Lettra by Neenah, 100% cotton and double-thick (220C). Stacy affirms, “It’s like a good fabric that you want to keep touching. It feels like more than paper.” Is she card-proud? “I am. I’m delighted to be asked for my card.”



Stacy adds, “Whenever I see my simplified ‘Stone Interiors’ I’m delighted. It feels appropriate now. It wasn’t until I saw Julia’s explorations that I realized the older version was clunky, in comparison to the new elegance.” When Julia had asked Stacy if there were brands whose logos particularly resonated for her, Stacy immediately replied, “Chanel and Balenciaga.”



The notesheet can fold so that “Stone Interiors” is visible above the envelope throat. This sheet, the full-sized letterhead, and the #10 envelope are all simple black litho on Crane’s Crest Fluorescent White 70T (imaging finish for the sheets). Stacy observes, “Our commodity materials are still elegant. I like that we’re mixing the high and the less-high. I think this way of combining speaks to our versatility. It’s all integrated.”


The components themselves are proving versatile. The large black-litho mailing labels  (4 x 5 in.) easily accommodate a handwritten address. With the return address at the top, the label trims down to use on smaller envelopes, packages and sample materials. Business card masters (Stone Interiors stamped on the front; blind debossed Stone chop on the back) make excellent gift tags. A supply of notecards was run with blank backs, for longer notes. And the newest addition to the stationery suite is a handheld embosser, with a large version of the Stone chop.




Business cards, notecards, chic black envelopes — The Ligature [theligature.com], Berkeley.
Litho items – Strahm Communications [strahmcom.com], San Rafael, Calif.
Photo 3 — © StudioAlex [studioalex.biz] 2016
All other photos, courtesy of Jean Loo.


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    Nancy Kuhn said:

    Every note we write, every card we send-these are extensions of ourselves. To have continuity in everything we do lends stability and shows that the details matter. How could that not inspire faith in clients? Beautifully done, Team Stacy Stone!