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HOWie has Arrived in Atlanta

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HOW Design Live officially kicked off the largest design event of 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia, yesterday morning. Even though other engagements forced me to miss the opening of the Exhibit Hall last night (usually the craziest hour of the conference, so maybe my sanity was the better for it?), I did get a good look at it this morning. The biggest thing I noticed was the large amounts of areas made for everyone to play with Lego brand building blocks, draw, and leave doodle notes. I was super happy to see Dani Donovan had left the fun lettering shown above on the wall – representing my city very well indeed.


You really need to watch out for Howie (#ISpyHOWie). This monkey may have come to the event with Karen Larson, but I was told has already ended up missing. So, if you see Howie, let’s try to get him back to the conference safely.


A different sort of interactive artwork exhibit can be found just outside of the Exhibit Hall.


A table of Pantone® chips and glue sticks to recreate a few famous paintings – complete with a cheat sheet.


The booth for The Dieline is covered in all things licorice – as well as amazing packaging and labels. Way more fun than the simple black tablecloth.


I know designers can all have a love/hate relationship with awards and award shows, but The Dieline Awards make an actual award so cool looking, there is nothing but design love here.