14-NP Design Collection SB-732_SM-500
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Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You

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The Design Collection:
100+ Luxury Papers,
Four Distinct Sections,
One Mesmerizing Swatchbook


2-NP Design Collection SB-544_SM-500

The minute you open this book and get a good look at the immense collection of luscious colors and textures within, you’ll say to yourself, “Yep, this is one big ‘Look Book.'”

The latest swatchbook from The Design Collection offers over 100 specialty papers from 15 unique brands for luxury packaging and high-end print collateral in one complete showcase. It provides paper and ideas that are essential to look books, high-end brochures, direct mail, identity materials, boxes, bags, gift cards and carriers, hangtags, labels, and fragrance strips. The book includes the just added, highly sought ASTROKING® Papers.

5-NP Design Collection SB-604_SM_Astroking-500

Photos alone cannot communicate the full glory of the plush, satin finish of shimmering ASTROKING®. See with your own eyes. Touch it with your own hands.


4-NP Design Collection SB-596_SM-500

The exquisite colors of the pearlescent STARDREAM® Papers beg to be admired on a retail shelf, coffee table, or desktop. STARDREAM, Rose Quartz and Vista complement Pantone’s (2) Colors of the Year.


5-NP Design Collection SB-604_SM-500

Toothy WILD® is perfect for letterpress and embossing. Both MONNALISA® and STARWHITE® offer their own smooth magic, while EAMES™ Papers are renowned for their coveted canvas finish. Together, these options are luxurious solutions for all high-end print and package designs.


8-NP Design Collection SB-573_SM-500

The new swatch book features seven print samples demonstrating various techniques. Among them, this mesmerizing Pucci-inspired pattern was created with an Opaque White dry trap and three Pantone colors (Red, Fluorescent Purple and Metallic Lavender) paired with a Platinum Gold foil stamp on STARDREAM, Amethyst. Heads will spin.


9-NP Design Collection SB-719_SM-500

MOONDREAM® Papers afford the latest innovation in paper engineering. This sample demonstrates how MOONDREAM becomes translucent when pressed with heat. This lunar calendar was created using a hot stamp to generate this intriguing effect.


11-NP Design Collection SB-729_SM-500

Pack a punch with PLIKE® Papers and its one-of-a-kind plastic-like surface. Note the foil stamp mouse type that renders perfectly over a blind emboss. Convinced?


3-NP Design Collection SB-576_SM-500

See it. Touch it. Experience it. The Design Collection’s latest swatchbook replaces the previous 1.0 and 1.1 swatchbooks. Mesmerizing.

Request the Print Sampler, Too.

The Design Collection 2.0 Sampler is a companion piece with 22 pages of mesmerizing design and printing. Get a free copy of both The Design Collection swatchbook and the print sampler from your Neenah rep, or look here to find a distributor.