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Set Me Free

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Connection, Unchained

Light Phone is a beautiful, simple solution that fulfills the promise of technology. Mama’s Sauce,  a craft printshop in Orlando, helped create this beautiful business card that mimics the customer experience of the phone.

Artist Joe Hollier and product designer Kaiwei Tang met inside Google’s inaugural incubator to come up with an idea that enables people to simplify their lives. Technology promises to do that, but often it only complicates things.

How many times a day are obsessed with the beep, trills, vibrations, and melodies of your mobile phone? Find yourself reading and responding to texts and emails when you should be paying attention to people or hazards?  Are you a mobile device slave? This new product helps break your chains.

Hollier and Tang had a better idea. Instead of developing a new app or piece of equipment, they invented The Light Phone, “your phone away from phone,” a credit card-scale, lightweight device that helps you manage your mobile phone’s data and avoid the frazzle of all those  bongs, chimes, dings  and bad vibrations.

“The product is designed to be used as little as possible,” said Tang. “When you need to get away and unplug—which is what you’re supposed to do in your personal time—this device allows you to do that.”

Multi-tasking Is False Hope

Connectivity has made us prisoners to our mobile devices. Instead of helping us, they constantly demand our attention and time. Light Phone is among a new wave of products engineered to set us free. Multitasking is a myth. It’s addictive, exhausting, and glorified procrastination. We crave escape.  – The Light Phone Founders

lightphone collage

With such an ingenious product, the accompanying identity materials better be pretty spectacular as well, so rather than starting from scratch, Hollier designed the business cards to replicate the phone itself.

Mama’s Sauce in Orlando, Fla., printed the cards on double-thick Neenah CLASSIC CREST® Smooth Solar White using letterpress printing and foil stamping. Sadi Hogan Birney of Mama’s Sauce, “This is a relatively simple design with a limited number of colors that combine to create a brand voice both unique and striking. We believe the diecut rounded corners add sophistication.”

When you hold this card in your hand, it mimics the customer experience of holding the Light Phone. When you see the reflection of the interface from the shiny foil, it mimics the way the real phone users light to display the keypad and display. Adds Birney, “Our cards do everything the Light Phone does except make phone calls.”

Mama’s Sauce is a spot color print shop that collaborates with some of the designers, agencies, stationers, and brands anywhere.  It offers  custom printing (on paper using letterpress, hot foil, and screen printing), public speaking, live printing events, and content creation.  If you want to see a SENSATIONAL video they created to showcase their love for fine printing and hand craftsmanship, watch this beautifully shot, edited, scored, and written short film. It is first rate: