The Last Days of HOW Design Live – I’m in a Coloring Book, Debbie Millman’s a DJ, and HOWie is Still Missing

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HOW Design Live in Atlanta, Georgia looked to come off as a complete success. I may have been stranded for a night in St. Louis due to mechanical issues on the airplane, but all is good, and I made it back safely. Neenah Paper gave out a few limited edition posters as usual, including the beautiful ambigram above by Nikita Prokhorov.


I was alerted by a friend that I made the conference swag bag this year. A coloring book put together by Karen Larson, that featuring pages by seven different designers – including this page by Darcy Hinrichs – was given out to all who attended. The top three people on the page are Karen, Jamie Saunders from Neenah Paper, and myself. Totally flattered. Didn’t realize being in a coloring book was on my bucket list until I saw it.


This year’s Shutterstock party was held Friday at The Tabernacle just a few blocks from the convention center. Once again, it featured the Pixels of Fury event where three designers battled it out in real time.


I’ve seen a few Pixels of Fury over the years, but this was by far the best yet. Not only did it end as a 50/50 tie in final voting, but Chuck Nice was there to emcee. His energy, delivery, and attitude kept everyone involved the entire night.


Saturday’s hot spot was the Neenah Paper + The Dieline party at the Edgewood Speakeasy. Jamie, Tom Nemitz, and James Victore are trying to figure out how to get in – because that door was’t going to be open for another three hours when the event moved to the basement and Snask hit the stage to perform.


In addition to Snask playing, the rest of the night was a dance party with Debbie Millman and Chip Kidd (above); Aaron Draplin; and Pum Lefebure taking shifts at the DJ booth.


As the convention center is attached to the College Football Hall of Fame, I would have felt guilty if I didn’t at least stop by. Surprisingly, they had a helmet of my alma mater (the University of Nebraska at Kearney) on the wall. Not surprisingly, they didn’t have a single exhibit featuring the Lopers.


As mentioned in my other HOW Design Live recaps, HOWie went missing on the first day of the conference. We can only hope he made it home safely and will be at next years conference in Chicago.

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    We are all praying for the safe return of Howie. However, I volunteer to locate for you a Howie II if the darling sock puppet is not returned. If Howie spends the rest of his acrylic life in the hands of another, we know he will bring that lonely person much joy—and four color process.

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    I read on Facebook that HOWie has 92 children, he just has a problem with never making it home from these events.