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Find Your Selfie at HOW Design Live

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Once Neenah Paper found that the booth they had in the Exhibit Hall of HOW Design Live this year was next to the booth of The Dieline, they knew something had to be done in that large empty space between them.

Above is the result. Large mix-and-match characters printed on convert Board™, part of the Neenah Paper wide format offering. It also works well with what has become a very interactive Exhibit Hall this year in Atlanta, Georgia.


Illustrated by Von Glitschka, there are twelve very fun and unique characters.


Von has characterized them into three groups. Men (with a Neenah sticker, a Neenah vest, and a Neenah tattoo)…


…women (with a Neenah button, Neenah name tag, and another Neenah tattoo)…


and ‘strange’ (with another Neenah tattoo (idea for next year’s booth?), I assume a Neenah press pass, and a Neenah shirt).


It’s still early in the conference, but I think I’ll get my selfie down before it’s over. Search #findyourselfie to see the project in action, and if people are feeling like a ‘mermaid hipster in chaps’ or a ‘cyclops in a ball gown’. There are no wrong answers, just fun personalities.

Also, we’re still on the lookout for HOWie, as mentioned in yesterdays post. I’m told he’s never made it home from one of these conferences in the past, but he’s also never been lost so soon.