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Neenah-Fresh Takes Classics-3-JESSICA HISCHE LR

A CLASSIC® Case of the Mondays

How do you make everyone’s least-favorite six letter word a bit more palatable? Start with a strong foundation built by coffee and baked goods, and add Jessica Hische’s happy Buttermilk font and her smart but fanciful Brioche typeface in gold foil to sweetly remind you that there are only 24 hours in a day, even […]

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Neenah-Fresh Takes Classics-2-BOOK

Fresh Takes on Classic Type

It’s Typography Psychology 101: the way you present your message is just as important as the message itself. From the ubiquitous :) to illuminated manuscripts to structural serifs, designers and communicators have always used any means necessary to give weight to their words. Lucky for us, the digital technology now at our fingertips means what was […] ...

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Kind Cuts: Kelli Anderson’s Paperworks

Kelli Anderson love paper for many reasons. It empowers her. It drives her. It adapts to her will. "“People take paper for granted because it’s like what your student loan bills arrive on, so it’s easy for it to be completely invisible—but it can be aerodynamic! And audible! You can bend it into a mask, it can be a fortune teller,” Anderson says. “I ...

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