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The (Very) Political Chocolate

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Design Army Sweetens the Political Climate with Chocolate

Whether you’re left, right, or ready to move to Canada to hide from the upcoming 2016 presidential election, you could probably use some sweet news and a good chuckle about now. Lucky you, we just so happen to know where you can get it. Take at look at this fun, politically charged collaboration between the Washington DC-based Design Army and DC chocolatier Harper Macaw.


Design Army Co-founder, Pum Lefebure says The (Very) Political Collection was of course inspired by the current political climate, yet at the same time a reaction to the turmoil, “We wanted to do something for DC politics to make it a little less bitter.”


The project is a collection of six different chocolate bars; each designed to add a more refined taste (and a little levity) to the current state of the state. No matter the party or platf­­­­orm, there’s a sweet treat to satisfy every political flavor.


From left to right:

Tea Party: Flying sharks. Historical whaling ships. Tea chests afloat in a red and white striped sea. The design on this package represents the movement’s revolutionary point of view with an equally revolutionary mash up of sci-fi and surrealist design. Rock the boat with a grass roots movement for patriotic chocolate infused with English Tea.

Filibuster: Arguably DC’s most verbose chocolate, the Filibuster packaging features short snippets from long-winded speeches in comic strip balloons. Green Eggs and Ham anyone? Spend hours of uninterrupted bliss with tactical pretzels and procrastinating peanuts.


Flip-Flopper: A favorite of politicians on both sides of the aisle, this design mimics tarot cards with a donkey and elephant divided by an impenetrable party line. Want to switch sides? Just turn the Flip Flopper package upside down. Sweet one moment, salty the next. Change your opinion with every bite.


Taxation Without Representation: Made especially for (still) unrepresented DC tax payers, this design features dueling images of the prime culprit, Uncle Sam. Vent your frustration by biting his head off. The sentiments of DC dwellers are expressed in this bar of bitter chocolate.


Red State: Inspired by old family money and old family portraits, Red State design features an increasingly rare and endangered species – a capitalist white elephant attired in a raspberry-studded smoking jacket. With a blend of red berries, conservative dark chocolate and free market capitalism it’s the (un) official favorite of the GOP.


Left Wing: Save the Gay Whales! Free Cocoa Beans! Equal rights for nuts! The Left Wing packaging proclaims its liberal leanings with stridently outspoken hazelnuts. This is chocolate worth protesting for. A defiantly democratic mix of diverse dark chocolate combined with liberal amounts of socially conscious hazelnuts.


Each individually packaged bar is beautifully designed with clever and whimsical illustrations supporting each political theme. So, before you devour the tasty treats, look for subtle jokes like the Filibuster package’s thought bubbles with phrases such as “As I was saying yesterday…” and “I could talk about chocolate for days.”

The bars are boxed in CLASSIC CREST® Cover, Avalanche White, 100C, Stipple, and printed 4-color. The bellyband that holds the collection features a patriotic red foil stamp. Lefebure says of the paper selection, “Just like the chocolate, we wanted a paper that would stimulate the senses. It’s very tactile and yet has a hard finish, which allows the pantone inks to really pop off the sheet.”


So go ahead, indulge in a bit of sweet satisfaction this political season and order yourself a victory treat or consolation prize. Because no matter your party’s ticket, win or lose, chocolate makes everything better. Get The (Very) Political Collection here.  And follow it on Instagram, @votechocolate and #votechocolate.

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