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The Renewed Neenah CLASSIC®

How do you take a beloved brand that’s seen 55 years of success and alter it for the times? Carefully. It’s been a year in the making, but the iconic CLASSIC Brands have finally emerged — refreshed, refined and reorganized. Here’s the scoop: Eight must-have new colors, two new gotta-touch textures, duplexes, digital papers, and envelopes. This relaunch ...

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The Aesthetic Union Goes to Town for Andytown Coffee

"Our brand isn’t just our logo, it’s a total approach to business. " — Well said! Creative collaborations usually have a bit of a backstory, and this one comes with a twist. A couple of years ago, letterpress printer James Tucker of Aesthetic Union was living on his boat in San Francisco Bay. He met a designer, Nathan Sharp, who really wanted it. Nathan ...

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