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The Renewed Neenah CLASSIC®

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Refreshed, Refined, Reordered.

How do you take a beloved brand that’s seen 55 years of success and alter it for the times? Carefully. It’s been a year in the making, but the iconic CLASSIC® Brands have arrived — refreshed, refined and reorganized: Eight must-have new colors, two new, gotta-touch textures, duplexes, digital papers, and envelopes. The introduction also brings new swatchbooks and a beautiful new printed promo.

Take a look behind the scenes at the making of the new CLASSIC® Papers.

We worked with Design Army to partner on this project. Our Senior Brand Manager, Kathy Kemps, worked closely with Pum Lefebure, Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer, on the massive undertaking to refresh this best-selling collection of fine printing papers on the market. “Design Army has always been a great collaborator, and with a project like this, where there are so many decisions to make, Pum’s insights were invaluable,” said Kemps.

Let’s talk about the new colors while you take a look inside the new Think CLASSIC® Papers promotion.

Imperial Red Promo-LOWWe’ll start with Imperial Red because, frankly, it refuses to be ignored. The color was inspired by a trip Lefebure took to Beijing. “I remember walking into the Forbidden City and seeing this bold, gorgeous red hue. That color is still ingrained in my mind in a way I’ll never forget, and I wanted to bring it out of my mind and into this collection for others to have the opportunity to enjoy,” said Lefebure.

Cobalt - Promotion - LOWCobalt is another power color. It’s often a hot, trending color in fashion, yet it’s as classic as Van Gogh’s Starry Night.


Military (left) is a complex color. Military greens have the ability to adapt, to change and morph, to become earthy or chic depending on their pairing. The color can be as rugged as you need it to be, or just as easily become sophisticated.

Aubergine (right) is an elegant, deep shade of purple that blends well with the CLASSIC® Papers collection. Lefebure says, “We worked hard to bring in colors that would work hard too. Colors that are on trend but not ‘trendy.’ Timeless colors. Classic colors.”


Chambray (left) was added to the line because of its universal appeal and versatility. Denim is a staple that never goes out of style. Market research revealed the need for new, fresher gray hues so two were added: Cadet Gray (right) and Cool Gray.

Whites-Promotion-LOWBare White, which is about to become every designer’s favorite for working with photography, was added to round out the collection of six beautiful whites.

In addition to the new colors, there are two new branded textures, which are featured in the new CLASSIC® Textures swatchbook. CLASSIC® Techweave and CLASSIC® Woodgrain.


CLASSIC® Techweave (above) was inspired by technology. Think of this texture as high-tech meets high-touch.


CLASSIC® Woodgrain has all the charm of wood and none of the limitations. Kemps says, “This texture was developed specifically because designers asked for it. The woodgrain pattern provides a subtle environmental or organic touch, something that’s very appealing to today’s marketing initiatives.”


The CLASSIC® Brands now offer 36 beautiful colors across nine brands. All of which have been reorganized into a simplified collection of three swatchbooks: CLASSIC CREST®, CLASSIC® Linen, and CLASSIC® Textures, which houses the branded textures CLASSIC® Laid, CLASSIC COLUMNS®, CLASSIC® Stipple and the two new brands CLASSIC® Techweave and CLASSIC® Woodgrain.

To see the new collection, contact your local merchant or your Neenah rep.


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    Kristine said:

    Looking forward to getting my hands on this new Classic Crest! Finally, Classic Crest beyond whites. Bravo, Neenah for rejuvenating this workhorse paper line.

    Back to business: Where can I get a new swatchbook? :)

  2. 04
    Matt Porter said:

    Hi Kristine! Call your local Neenah rep or paper merchant. You can find who your rep is by call NP customer service. — Editor

  3. 06
    Pat Vining said:

    I need an updated spec book for: CLASSIC COLUMNS, CLASSIC CREST, Classic Laid, CLASSIC Linen, Classic Papers from Neenah, CLASSIC® Stipple, CLASSIC® Techweave, CLASSIC® Textures, CLASSIC® Woodgrain

  4. 06
    Matt Porter said:

    Pat I will forward request to Neenah sales team. You can find who your area representative is by sending request through Neenah paper.com, too. That would be quicker and give you a personal contact you can use when you have need of promos and swatchbooks. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! ATG EDITOR