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Reinvent the Feel: Neenah CLASSIC®

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The New Neenah CLASSIC®
… Get a Feel For It.

Humans are limited to five senses, with the potential exception of psychic hotline workers and M. Night Shyamalan. Dolphins and bats have one up on us with their ability to “see” via echo location, and snakes take the cake with their ability to smell with their mouths. Despite not having internal radar systems or forked tongues, there’s one sense that we do have that allows us to have a direct connection with the world around us that the other four can’t compete with: touch. Whether it’s the quick realization that the barista may have steamed the milk a second too long or a literal pat on the back for a job well done, touch changes you.

“People understand their world through physical experiences, the first sense is through touch. You can produce changes in peoples’ thoughts through different physical experiences.”  — John Ackerman, Psychologist, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


CLASSIC® Woodgrain and CLASSIC® Techweave.


When it comes to design, the focus is often on the visual—colors, lines, shapes, or even words. But texture, the actual feel of a surface, can transform something from appealing to unforgettable. And with the renewed Neenah CLASSIC® Brands, there are two fresh and innovative textures that are irresistibly tempting to touch. Meet CLASSIC® Woodgrain and CLASSIC® Techweave.



CLASSIC® Woodgrain


CLASSIC® Woodgrain:  Above. CLASSIC® Woodgrain captures both the picturesque charm of wood and its tactile appeal, with the capability of a premium sheet when it comes to performance. With an organic feel and a complementary color palette, CLASSIC® Woodgrain was developed specifically because designers requested an environmental, organic touch to fall in line with current trends.


CLASSIC® Woodgrain in Packaging. Using distinctive paper that communicates both visually and physically adds another dimension to your project, making the connection between message and recipient even stronger.


CLASSIC® Techweave


CLASSIC® Techweave: Above. How do you make technology tangible, when you’re not talking touch screens? For CLASSIC® Techweave Papers, Neenah did just that. High touch meets high tech with this new texture—the feel of finely woven fabric with a one-of-a-kind surface inspired by the movement of digital data.

Necessity may be the mother of invention, but innovation is the key when it comes to refreshing and refining brands as iconic as CLASSIC® Papers. These two new textures take their place in the pioneering CLASSIC® Papers portfolio and give designers the ability to go from eye-catching to captivating with a single touch.


How Design Live Chicago!

Want to get a feel for the new CLASSIC® textures? Visit neenahpaper.com to find the name of your regional Neenah sales representative. Or! Going to HOW Design Live in Chicago next month? Drop by our booth and we can get these new textures into your hands.