Neenah’s Explore No. 5 Offers 5 E’s of Hospitality

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Extend the Experience —

Short Run, Simple Solutions on Small Budgets


Whether you’re enticing customers or working to extend the relationship, Explore 5 has 5 ideas for combining colored and textured papers, with the advantages of digital printing, to create simple solutions with big impact.

Your hospitality clients and want to jumpstart your creativity, you’ll want to get your hands on the new Explore 5 promotion to check out the 5 E’s of hospitality. Contact neenahpaper.com to connect with your  local sales representative to receive your copy.

This piece includes five creative ideas that will help enhance guest experience at every touchpoint. As with the four previous Explore promotions, all samples are digitally printed and produced with small production budgets. And of course, Neenah offers free digital dielines to help extend your budget.




Entice: (Above) Guests are looking for a memorable experience. How do to entice them into trying your venue, or pique their interest for a special event? Try maximizing table space and a customer’s line of sight at the same time with a creative tabletop invitation. A paper with a hint of shimmer can express a party atmosphere before the message is even read.

Entice Specs: Display printed with two clicks HP Fluorescent Pink plus 4-color process on ESSE® Cover, Pearlized White.



Enter: (Above) What can guests expect once they walk through your doors? Share your brand story with a brochure that presents the promise of unmatched experiences and Instagram-worthy memories. Combining different paper textures can add depth and a level of luxury to even the smallest pieces.

Enter Specs: Brochure printed with 4-color process on CLASSIC® Stipple, Antique Gray and CLASSIC CREST® , Solar White, Smooth. Insert printed with 4-color on CLASSIC CREST, Imperial Red. Wrap printed with Two clicks Opaque White over 4-color process on CLASSIC CREST, Aubergine.




Engage: (Above) Allow guests to align themselves with your brand’s mission. Draw them into a conversation with unique shapes and interesting color. Uncommon die cuts can add intrigue without breaking the budget.

Engage Specs: Two clicks Opaque White plus 4-color process on the new CLASSIC CREST Military, 100C, Smooth.



Exit: (Above) What’s the parting message you want to convey? Nothing says thank you like a gift! Gifts not only make people happy, they also carry memories of the experience into your customer’s homes. Small businesses like a B&B and a local sweets shop can partner to create a memorable parting message that reminisces of the experience, the location, and the local hospitality.

Exit Specs: Box top Printed 4-color process on ROYAL SUNDANCE® , Natural. Box bottom Printed 4-color process on ASTROBRIGHTS®, Lunar Blue.



Extend: (Above) Long after the memories of a great stay, a great meal, or a great experience have faded, how do you build brand loyalty? Customers appreciate being recognized for their patronage, and a personal touch goes a long way. A simple mailing to say thank you or extend a special offer lets customers know you value their business. Using a highly tactile texture can increase brand recall.

Extend Specs: Printed 4-color process on new CLASSIC® Woodgrain, Bare White.


“Most digital projects are produced on smooth, white paper, but one of the simplest solutions for optimizing design projects is through the use of color and texture. When you introduce the idea of different papers into the mix, you see creativity come to life.”

— Greg Maze, Sales & Marketing Manager, Digital & Wide Format, Neenah.





Free Dielines. The samples in Explore 5 are just idea starters. To get you going faster, Neenah offers free downloadable dielines for each of the printed samples featured. These dielines were created specifically with digital printing in mind, letting you plan accordingly for how many pieces will fit on a digital sheet.







Neenah’s Explore series, designed by Ellie McKenzie, Farmhouse Design is a collection of 5 printed sample promotions with a total of 50+ dielines. From announcements and brochures to menus, bottle labels and packaging, you’ll find dielines for all types of projects for digital print.


All dielines are available for free download at www.neenahpaper.com/resources/dielines. Contact neenahpaper.com to connect with your  local sales representative to receive your copy.

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