The Design Collection Surface Issue

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Beauty is Beyond Surface.
But Start There Anyway.

Latest  Neenah lookbook features imagery, techniques, and touch on its most luxurious papers: The Design Collection.

If you’re drawn to the gorgeous papers of The Design Collection, take a close look at Neenah’s newest paper promotion, The Design Collection Surface Issue. It is a story you will have to feel to gain the full measure of its beauty.




Auburne Gahlman, The Design Collection Brand Manager at Neenah, knew she wanted Ellie McKenzie at Farmhouse Design to create a mood piece. “We wanted to showcase the aesthetics of surface design by incorporating lines, texture, color, light and patterns into every page. The pacing is full of surprises accomplished by using many different textures and techniques.” Contact your local Neenah rep to request a copy of the book.


The book focuses on five areas of design, which are also five characteristics of the papers in The Design Collection: Luxury, Form, Beauty, Function and Taste.

Throughout the book, short sheets, overlays and die cuts interact with the design and the papers to create unexpected spreads. The iridescence of the ESSE®, Pearlized Latte on the left page gives an extra shimmer to a four-color image of lustrous pearls.

The book’s designer, Ellie McKenzie of Farmhouse Design,  brought an element of luxury across the spread to the diagonal flysheet. The embossed pattern on STARDREAM®, Fine Gold make this paper appear as an elegant silk scarf.

Thin strands of magenta holographic foil add a bold, colorful shine to the natural texture and shade of OXFORD®, Path on the left. A 6” area of solid metallic copper foil perfectly compliments the STARDREAM®, Copper. Flip the sheet to uncover more luster with a digitally printed four-color image on STARDREAM®, Quartz.

This gorgeous spread cleverly disguises a pop-out lipstick box amidst a metallic silver pattern that pops against the vibrant SO…SILK®, Beauty Pink.

Embossed and debossed flora and type create hills and valleys. Soft gray printing combined with the soft texture of CANALETTO Grana Grossa, Premium White gives the page a vintage aesthetic.

Who doesn’t love the boldness of PLIKE®, Orange? Add a geometric foil stamped pattern on top of a four-color image to create an unexpected surface treatment.

Give me, Give me, Give me!

Would you like a copy The Design Collection Surface Issue? Contact your Neenah sales rep and request one.

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  1. 07

    This is Awsm! Love the design, colors, foils etc. Who designed?

  2. 08
    Matt Porter said:

    Ellie McKenzie of Farmhouse Design in Atlanta. I believe she is mentioned in the story. Very talented and kind person. Thank you for your interest!

  3. 09

    […] Learn more about Neenah Paper and get your copy of the Design Collection Surface Issue here […]

  4. 03
    Julia Wrigley said:

    I don’t have a Neenah rep to contact… how do I get a copy of this for my firm? It looks amazing, and we have been using Plike — I would love to show some new ideas on that paper.