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Nice Touch: Neenah Touché

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Touché Papers: Add the Extra Touch

The Difference is Supple.

It’s paper. How soft can it really be? Try running your fingers across a sheet of Touché® Papers and see what comes to mind. A buttery-soft leather chair, maybe? Perhaps your favorite pair of suede boots? The touch of a rose petal? Yes, that’s how soft Touché Papers are.

Neenah’s Touché Papers are known in the industry as “soft touch” papers, admired for their uniquely supple feel. And now you have the chance to get your hands on the just-released swatchbook for this newly reintroduced portfolio, with a refreshed palette of 10 rich colors and three whites — including a long-awaited 91 bright white. This means the new Touché lineup now offers the deepest black and surprisingly bright white.



Adding a 91 bright was critical for this line. Until now there wasn’t a true bright white available with this finish. This new shade opens up new opportunities for designers with projects that require a true white paper and those that would benefit from a unique, subtle texture.

Touché Papers are ideal for projects where the touch factor is designed to create an immediate impression: Think business cards, hang tags, pocket folders, magazine covers, book covers and, of course, packaging. Imagine being handed a business card for a furniture designer that feels like soft leather, or picking up a fall fashion magazine with a cover that feels like a cozy sweater. Even a sensual fragrance packaged in a soft touch box can immediately set the scent’s mood for the consumer.

If you’re already a fan of Touché Papers you’ll be familiar with the deep, rich tones of the line, and you’ll be delighted with the three new additions: Sterling, a warm leather-like gray; Concord, a deep grape hue; and Saffron, as rich a color as its namesake.

What about on-press performance? Offset printing? No problem! Neenah recommends covering only up to 50% of the sheet with ink because, really, why would you want to cover up this amazing texture?

Touché is noted amongst printers for its performance with specialty techniques including embossing, foil stamping and engraving. These papers have incredible foil release with clean, sharp edges; and embossings are defined and detailed. Touché Papers have the unique ability to be both soft to the touch, and crisp to the eye.

Specifying true soft touch papers brings added benefit to the finished product.  Unlike using a printed soft touch aqueous coating (sometimes called suede or shag coating) on a white gloss paper, soft touch papers offer dyed-through color, eliminating that undesirable white edge at the cut line. Another advantage is that soft touch papers have that sensuous texture on both sides of the paper.

Neenah’ full portfolio of soft touch papers includes Touché, PLIKE® and SLIDE™. Each has its own unique features and colors, but all offer a true soft touch feel that is designed to add luxury and sophistication to any project.

Get a copy of the new Touché Papers swatchbook from your Neenah rep.

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