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The Inspiration Behind The Alchemy of Design

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Up, Up & Away!

Paper Promotion from Willoughby Design
Will Lift Your Spirits

Working on a paper promotion for Neenah is any designer’s dream, so we were thrilled to be invited to bring their papers to life with The Alchemy of Design piece. With this piece, we were challenged with featuring three different brands: ASTROBRIGHTS®, known for its fun, eye-catching colors; ENVIRONMENT®, known for its sustainability; and ROYAL SUNDANCE®, a budget-friendly and versatile line of paper. We wanted to show other designers that you shouldn’t feel like you are limited to one type of stock per project. Your communications can have a lot of impact when unexpected elements combine.

The Alchemy of Design piece features 20 pull-out examples, inviting the viewer to touch and experience the beauty, versatility, and functionality of Neenah Papers.

This combination of unexpected elements was where the concept of the promotion arose. We combined a variety of processes, textures, colors, and weights to translate the classic Greek alchemy elements of earth, air, fire and water into the realm of print design, made up of audience, message, paper, and print.

This event announcement uses ASTROBRIGHTS Solar Yellow™/Bright White Duplex Cover, 4-color process and creative diecuts to engage recipients with a 3D balloon.

As we were concepting the four vignettes we wanted to feature, we began first by thinking about classic alchemy. We took two elements, such as air and fire, and brainstormed different imaginary brands and experiences that combined them. The winning selection for this particular duo was a hot air balloon festival. Our next step was to think about which papers and print processes we could combine to inspire designers and clients to engage their audiences in emotional and intriguing ways.

The toothy texture of ROYAL SUNDANCE gives this brochure a weighty, handcrafted feel. While the hangtag system uses three papers to add impact — ENVIRONMENT, Stone and Desert Storm, and ASTROBRIGHTS, Terra Green™.

ASTROBRIGHTS, Blast-Off Blue™ and Lunar Blue™, ROYAL SUNDANCE, White, and ENVIRONMENT, Wrought Iron mix and mingle to create a sophisticated and inviting system.

This realtors thank you gift mixes warm tones of ENVIRONMENT Honeycomb and Grocer Kraft, with the homey touch of ROYAL SUNDANCE to package a bottle of wine and gift cards to neighborhood eateries.

Contact your local Neenah rep to get a copy of The Alchemy of Design. Quantities are limited.