HOW Design Live – Boston, 2018
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HOW Design Live 2018 is Magic

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The design place to be this week? Boston. HOW Design Live returned to Bean Town in 2018 – and it’s like it never left. Once again, putting thousands of designers into the same room for a few days always creates an energy that is contagious.

The day before the event started, there was plenty of time for a short walk to Cheers with attendee Tom Nemitz.

At last year’s LogoLounge party, I saw Bill Gardner of Gardner Design get declared a Sith Lord – as well as perform a magic trick for the attendees. When Bill spotted The Creative Group having people pick out cards in the exhibit hall to win prizes, well, he decided to show them how cards really worked and put on a show that left everyone speechless.

After the opening first day was complete, it was time for The DieLine party at The Brahmin.

A DJ on vinyl. I’m told this isn’t the last time this week I’ll be seeing this.

An ice sculpture at the entrance – A photo booth in the back – this place means business…

…and once again, someone doing a bit of magic with cards. Nothing against the cards used by The Creative Group, but these cards looked good, really good, and no wonder. Even the cards at The Dieline have packaging like no other.

Award-winning card packaging designed by SHUNG SHUNG on display at The Dieline booth. Raised metallic gold engraving on NEENAH® pearlescent paper. So far, I’ve seen more magic in one day than I’ve seen on the past year, cannot wait to see what design inspiration is here tomorrow.