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Explore 6: Print strategies for real estate

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Whether your client is new to the real estate industry or looking to increase visibility, there is a common need for success: They need to effectively and professionally market their brand. Having the right print marketing materials is the key to boosting your local exposure and ultimately sales.

Neenah’s new Explore 6: Considerations for Real Estate shows how any realtor can strategically compete with the “big guys” when it comes to getting noticed by prospective buyers and sellers. And with 70% of buyers and sellers saying they used the first realtor they contacted, standing out in this crowded market is fundamental to getting that sale.

For Explore 6, Neenah has designed 16 different printed samples to educate designers on this audience, and inspire ideas for working with this niche market. Creative design, digital printing, and combinations of paper color and texture show just how impactful short run projects can be.

PLUS, all the dielines used in Explore 6 (and all of the Explore series promotions) are available for free download — go ahead, get a head start on that next project.

While all the pieces featured in Explore 6 focus on real estate, all these ideas are transferable to any project. (We’ll take a quick look inside here. You’ve got to get one of your own to see how much information and inspiration is in this piece.)

Direct mail is a marketing tool that has stood the test of time, and of the digital age. Variable data allow for targeted personalization, which has been shown to increase response rates by 500%. This house-shaped folder delivers a friendly greeting, with targeted information about local home prices and recent sales. The hefty outer folder uses ENVIRONMENT® Concrete 100C, 17pt Raw® Digital to create the feeling of a sturdy, or stable, brand. The pop of ASTROBRIGHTS® Solar Yellow used for the insert is repeated with the mailing envelope — guaranteed to get noticed in any pile of mail.

72% of people judge a business based on the quality of their business card. This clever fold-out houses four business cards of various design formats. Here we see ESSE, Pearlized Late providing a romantic flair for the card on the left, while ASTROBRIGHTS®, Terra Green packs a punch for the attention-seeking, house-shaped business card.

Chocolate never fails! A customized chocolate bar wrap could be used as a fun giveaway at an open house or to thank a new homeowner. The texture of CLASSIC® Woodgrain gives this custom wrap the homey touch while making a solid, memorable impression.

According to statistics, sellers can get 6% more than the asking price with the right staging. This beautiful postcard and sleeve highlight the partnership between the realtor and a staging service – both working together to get the client the best deal. The postcard doubles as a coupon for the staging service. The combination of CLASSIC CREST® Aubergine with CLASSIC® Linen White Pearl delivers a modern and elegant impression.


Be unique, get noticed, inspire, entice, delight and reach your customers. 70% more people remember the name of a business that has communicated with them in a tangible way. How can someone forget a realtor who hands out this enticing little brochure filled with information about the neighborhood’s local attractions like parks, schools, gyms, and restaurants? This keepsake will be used and possibly passed on to new potential house hunters.



Developing partnerships can broaden networks, and help attract new clients. This fun package could be used at an open house. Fill this miniature, moving box with sweet treats to create a tangible message and leave a lasting impression.


Explore 6, and the Explore series is designed to inspire both design and print. Its purpose is to give designers new ideas for short-run projects, and show that the “default” for digital printing doesn’t have to be white paper. Starting with a colored paper, or including a “must touch” texture can elevate the design and give any short-run project a unique appeal.

Contact your local Neenah rep to get a copy of Explore 6.

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