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2017 AIGA Design Conference

Lotería and a Minneapolis mural signify the closing of another great AIGA Design Conference

The 2017 AIGA Design Conference wrapped up Saturday night in Minneapolis. As usual, the event seemed to fly by, but as a day or two pass, it starts to hit me with how much was witnessed, learned, and enjoyed. Adam Turman spent a large amount of time in the back of the exhibit hall doing a custom illustration […]

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AIGA Design Conference 2017

A UNIQUE Market and a Studio of Fire at the AIGA Design Conference

Directly behind the Neenah booth in the exhibit hall was Studio on Fire and Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum, who had brought in a 2400lb. letterpress machine the size of a twin bed to print on. A lot of these conferences have brought in machines before, but this was big enough to print posters – not […]

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