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Angel Drops the F-Bomb

In the Spring of 2016, the Minnesota Center for Book Arts sent out a call for entries for a gallery exhibition of horror-themed art called It’s Alive. The show celebrates the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein through artist reinterpretations of the classic. "As a kid, I grew up reading horror novels classics like Edgar Allen Poe and H.P. Lovecraft ...

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The Red Door Press - Sleigh Bells.1

Sleigh Bells RING on Paper!

Who does not love a printed holiday greeting card? ’Tis the season for sharing fine and merry inspiration, so take a break from the baking, online shopping—with next day delivery—and share a load of brilliant design and printed cards. What do we want for Christmas? One of these to show up in our analog mailbox. Six cheerful examples from designer/letterpress ...

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Uncommon Sense: Todd Thyberg’s American Manifesto

The election is over. Time to govern. Again. With a grant from Minnesota State Arts Board, Minneapolis author, artist, designer and printer Todd Thyberg wrote, design and printed a 12-page pamphlet inspired by Thomas Paine’s history-changing pamphlet Common Sense, a political tract written in 1776 in plain English that inspired hundreds of thousands of American ...

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Todd Thyberg’s Graphic Novel Fueled by Love for Old + New

The Airship is science fiction story and first in a planned trilogy of graphic novels that will be designed, illustrated and printed by Thyberg of Angel Bomb Design + Letterpress in MPLS. A labor of love you cannot miss and a book you simply must have: "I had to resort to printing it by hand on a Vandercook 219 proof press. Since it was printed on a cylinder ...

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