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Expressing and Pressing in Lubbock

Mom & Pop f2design in Lubbock, TX has churned out a startling number of posters over the years, many or sale on their website. Co-owners Dirk and Carol Fowler have worked with great bands, including The Killers, the Avett Brothers, Modest Mouse, singer Lyle Lovett, and Wilco, with whom they've had a ten-year run. Dirk notes, “They’re easy to work with. ...

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SHT Show: Say It Five Times. Fast. Faster.

The SHT Show: Seattle, Havana, Tehran. A poster show by artists from these three cities? Why? Well, why not?! When Daniel Smith embarked on curating an international poster show—specifically Seattle, Havana, Tehran—some may have questioned his sanity. These three cities are worlds apart, not just in miles, but culture, politics, and more. Simply consider ...

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